In the Tyrolean winter sport stronghold of Söll, we undertook painstaking research to find out what makes a family skiing holiday successful. In connection with SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental, Austria's largest connected ski area, we then created the perfect conditions for guaranteed winter fun for young and old. These family-friendly offerings help to introduce even the littlest ones to skiing.


Enjoying a relaxing skiing holiday with the entire family means having particular expectations of your destination: However, for both children and adults to get the most out of this special time of year, it takes more than just a children's ski course and a baby lift. Because family offerings are only relevant when they understand parents' and children's requirements and take them seriously. In Söll, we know that our offering has to perform a balancing act, because children and adults on holiday have different interests and relax in different ways. With lots of empathy and even more knowledge based on many years of experience, we in Söll have designed a well-stocked buffet of leisure activities, where both parents and children will find plenty of things to their taste.

"Hexen-Kinderland" trains body awareness and coordination.

And not only in the valley, but also at the sunny midway station Hochsöll, there's lots to discover at Hexen-Kinderland: There's an area there that is tailored to your kids' abilities. With expert guidance from our ski instructors, our little ones from about 3 years old make quick and efficient progress. First experiences on skis are linked to playful learning and safety. Hexen-Kinderland is equipped with, among other things, a ski carousel, a children's terrain garden, a practice area with fun figures, and 3 magic carpets.

From this winter there's also a staffed family ski depot right at the Hochsöll midway station – next to Hexen-Kinderland. You can store your skis and snowboards there in an area of 240 m²: This guarantees a stress-free ride up and down, especially for families with children.

Heading into the winter adventure

Children's introduction to the winter adventure should be fun and without pressure. Please allow the children enough time to learn to ski while having fun. All kids are different, and not everyone learns at the same speed or the same level. We aim for success, but the most important thing is to focus on enjoying skiing.

Make sure your children are well prepared for being away from you, and keep your farewells short after they've been assigned to their group – this helps the ski instructor to get off to a good start.