The Ski School Söll-Hochsöll will be doing everything possible during the upcoming season to ensure the highest level of safety for both our guests and our staff. The health of all our valued guests and employees has always been our top priority and this year that is no exception.

By taking certain measures and precautions that have been put into place by official authorities and important local partners, we hope to keep Covid-19 at a minimum this Winter. Working closely together with the Söll lift company, the local hotel industry, and different sports organisations, we will be updating our regulations as needed depending on the ongoing situation.


As skiing is primarily an outdoor sport the risk of infection tends to be much lower. However, we will not be taking any risks and where possible personal contact will be eliminated and social distancing will be practised.  

In all indoor or closed off areas of our Ski School, we politely ask our guests to wear mouth and nose protection masks.

We also expect our guests to regularly wash and disinfect their hands, especially when entering and leaving our premises. Our sales offices are equipped with glass protection screens and disinfectant will be available.

All our Ski School courses can be booked online from the comfort of your own home or hotel. We kindly ask our guests to make more use of this facility to help prevent to many people entering our offices at the same time. 

However, if you do prefer speaking to one of our sales representatives or you wish to book a lesson last minute then you can do so at one of the following locations.

Ski School - main office - Söll-Hochsöll / Stampfanger 6, 6306 Söll
Edinger- Sport and Service Station (Bottom Gondola Station) / Stampfanger 21, 6306 Söll
Sport Gatt / Dorf 135, 6306 Söll
Rabennest / Hochsöll Middle Station, next to our Hexen Kinderland

This year we will make sure our groups stay as small as possible. We will of course be slightly more flexible during the busier holiday weeks, however, to prevent disappointment we advise that you please book your courses in advance.

Our children’s ski race will continue to take place weekly, however there will be a few changes for the comfort of our guests.

The start times will be slightly extended to avoid any congestion within the starting and finishing areas. All award ceremonies will be held outdoors, and each instructor will present their groups with medals/trophies personally.

Due to the current situation we are unable to offer a programme for children under the age of three years. We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope you understand.

Our children's entertainment programme will be taking place outdoors only. There will be no indoor animation or care.

Unfortunately, due the current situation regarding Covid-19 our ‘Kinderclub’ capacity will be significantly reduced during this winter season. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Unfortunately, any guests that show signs of illness are asked to not participate in our ski courses. We thank you for your understanding and hope all our guests take this measure seriously.

Only by eliminating all risks can we protect each other!

We ask that all ski school course participants please provide the instructors with up to date contact details. Phone number, address (both here in Söll and at Home) and E-mail. This way we can try to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as quickly as possible, if one of our guests should happen to test positive.

If any of our Ski school children start to show signs of illness during the courses they will be removed and isolated until a parent or guardian is able to pick them up. We therefore ask that an up to date telephone number is given to our instructors and parents/guardians collect their children as quickly as possible if contacted.

All courses booked online can be cancelled free of charge and without reason up to 48 hours before the start of the course.

This means that you can book your desired course in advance without hesitation and still be able to cancel at short notice if needed.

The safety of our Ski school employees is of the highest importance to us. We will therefore be following any up to date regulations and rules of conduct regarding working conditions and accommodation. If at any point, we feel it is necessary, Covid-19 tests will be carried out to eliminate any doubt. 

With considerate and responsible cooperation, we look forward to the winter season 2020/21.